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MIB-Space is a renewable energy company that specializes in the development and commercialization on Zer0-Point-Energy (ZPE0 Technology. ZPE technology utilizes the energy that exists in the fabric of the universe, which is limitless and clean. ZPE Technology is committed to providing a sustainable and efficient energy source that will reduce carbon emissions and provide affordable energy to consumers.

Zero-Point Energy Technology refers to the utilization of zero-point energy as a source of power or energy. This technology aims to harness the unlimited and unending energy that is present in the vacuum state of space, which is the lowest energy state of a quantum mechanical physical system.

MIB-SPACE 10kW Magnetic Generator


To pioneer the ethical exploration and utilization of extraterrestrial (ET) technology for the betterment of humanity, leading the way in zero-point energy systems, healthcare advancements, communication breakthroughs, revolutionary transportation solutions, and cutting-edge security measures. All in alignment with cooperation, and unity among civilizations.


At MIB-SPACE, we are dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of ET technology ethically and responsibly. Through rigorous research, innovation, and collaboration, we strive to harness zero-point energy systems to revolutionize energy production, enhence healthcare through transformative technologies, enable seamless communication across vast distances, redefine transportation with futuristic solutions, and safeguard the world with state-of-the-art security measures. Our mission is to propel humanity towards a brighter, safer, and more interconnected future, inspired by the wonders of the cosmos. We aim to cultivate a future where humanity thrives in harmony with cosmic neighbors, guided by a shared vision of peace, understanding, and cosmic awareness.

Where Science Meets The Stars, Humanity Flourishes, We Are Above The System, Over It, Beyond It.

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